The last day of 2013 is upon us.  I am looking forward to 2014 as it will be the year this story gets published (one way or another).  I thank you all again for reading and commenting.  Happy New Year.


This is it. This is the solution.  It’s what we did in the beginning when the county gave us ten hours a week of behavior therapy with a less than average company.  I knew then that wasn’t going to pass muster, so we did what we thought best and went directly with Dr. Hunter’s company.  It was the best thing we could have done for him.  And now that I realize I still can do whatever is best for my son.  I am not locked into public school just because he’s “disabled”.  I have a choice; I have the ability to do what I want.  My heart is soaring.    I practically run out of her office to call Dan.  I feel like a lawyer about to face a judge and jury.  It’s going to be a battle convincing him, but I know in the end I will.  We have to get Ryan out of that place.  He is failing at every turn and reverting back to the uncontrollable child we spent four years getting on track.

I will not allow those years to be taken away.  Hard, hard work not just by us—but him.  Especially him.  He has worked harder than any person I know.  My sweet little boy brought himself back and I will not allow him to retreat again.

I take slow deep breaths to steady my nerves as I reach for the phone.

“Are you ready for this?” I say to Dan. Practically squeaking with glee.

“Oh no…what now?” He sighs loudly.

I concentrate on speaking slowly as I am a very fast talker and when I’m excited I jumble words together.

“I’ve got it. The solution.” I stop and take a breath.  I want this to build his anticipation.

“Solution to what?” He says quickly, I can’t tell if he’s impatient or excited.  I opt for excitement and go for the kill.  I smile for a second.

“To school.  For Ryan.” Slow down…I take a silent deep breath. “There’s a lot to it, so let me paraphrase.  I met with Dr. Hunter.”  Take a breath… “Bottom line: we put him in private school.”

There is a pause and I’m not sure if he’s there. Crap! I went for the kill to quickly. 

“We can do that?” His voice rises as he asks.

“I said the same thing!” I almost shriek at him.

“Easy there, tiger.” He’s teasing me and I don’t care.

“There’s a lot to explain, I just wanted to put in your head to percolate on today. Okay?” I ask hoping he is hooked.

He makes a slight groan. “Percolate?…Ahh, yeah, we need to talk about this when I get home.”

Not the rousing vote I was hoping for, but he didn’t shoot it down right off the bat, so I feel excited.

“Okay, what time will you be there?”

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  1. sheri miller

    I look forward to the day this book is published thanks for sharing your story! Spending time with Ryan and seeing that big smile especially when he plays the bongo drums 😉 he is such a great kid! Jenna is an Angel, You and Dan have done an amazing job. Keep writing my friend you have a gift!

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