“Good morning.” A young teacher says to me with a quizzical look on her face. I am still leaning against the wall next to Ryan’s classroom.  I had been lost in thought for who knows how long.  I realize how ridiculous I must look and I laugh out loud as step away from the wall.

“Ah, good morning…it’s his first day…I’m just making sure…ah…” She is walking away smiling.  She must know about Ryan or me, or just gets that a first day at a new school can be hard.  This new school has all the makings of a life changing events for Ryan.  I just hope it works.  I can’t bear to take him back there.  That moment of wondering what happens when I wasn’t around was such a foreshadowing of what was to come.  The journey to get him to this new school was not quite as painful as our time in public school, but it was surprising to me the resistance I was met with just finding a school that would welcome us.


            My agenda is set for the day.  I have three private schools I want to look at.  My conversation with Dan was surprisingly easy; which only makes me more determined to find a solution.  I have scoured the internet for local private schools.  One school, Dr. Hunter has recommended in particular that she has placed students in.  It’s a twenty to twenty-five minute commute from our house.  But I would carry him there myself, everyday, if that’s what it took to make school a good experience for him again.  The other two are closer.  All are Christian-based, small, private schools.  Those words: small and private, tingle like fairy dust in my ears.

I start with the school the most far away.  It is so small I have trouble locating it.  I drive past the unassuming driveway twice before I realize it is part of the school.  The school sits high on a hill and has a great view…and 12 parking spaces.  Taking that “small” atmosphere a little far.  I shrug it off and venture into the office.  No one is at the reception desk.  I think it’s odd but I wait.  And wait.  I can’t get onto the campus due to locked gate out of the office so that makes me feel better about security, as I’m fresh off the terror train of Ryan “eloping” at school.  Eloping:  apparently that’s the technical term; as if it sounds better than “running off campus”.  I think it sounds like he’s gotten married.

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