I’ve been absent from this blog for awhile…funny seems to coincide with summer…strange.

Anyway, after a lengthy meeting (that I asked for) yesterday, I walked away and kept repeating a phrase in my head.

“I have a writing partner. I have a writing partner.”

This may not be something most people would get excited about, but it’s actually quite thrilling for the want-to-be writer I am.

I’ve noticed there are many things we have partners for: life partners (typically a spouse, but could be someone you live with for a long time), business partners, work-out partners, partner in crime (usually a friend you like to hang with and most likely get into trouble with), actual partner in crime (if you a police officer) and a sparring partner (if you are a professional boxer).  There are more, I am certain and please comment if you can think of any other clever types of partners.

But why is a writing partner so important? To me, it’s finally taking my book-in-progress to the next level and committing myself to a twice a month meeting with a responsible, highly intelligent, gifted writer–who also happens to be my long-time friend. (I actually met my life partner because of this writing partner.)  I’m hoping through her wisdom and guidance I will finally finish editing and re-editing this book you have all been reading about.  In case you are wondering, she’s not just doing this out of the kindness of her heart (although, I believe she would) I am going to attempt to help her with a project she has underway.  Hence the whole “partner” concept in play.

I hope she is okay with me putting this out there…I just had to put it down in words and get it out of my head.  I am so grateful to her for accepting my invitation.

Now it’s real. Now you all know…stay tuned.

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  1. Lynb

    Ok, here’s another kind of partner. When you play in an orchestra, you have a stand partner. That means you share one set of music on one stand. It isn’t so terrible when you are young and can see well, becomes a challenge when your eyesight is not what it used to be. Also helps if you get along with your stand partner, especially as musicians can be – well, you know. Ask me about my famous stand partner some time. Not a pretty story. Tee hee.

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