Wrapping it up

So, we’ve reached the end of Autism Awareness Month-or what I have unofficially renamed ‘Autism Acceptance Month’. To refresh on issues I addressed: ‘Acceptance’ is tough to describe, but what we have to remember is it takes actual work. I lightly introduced Identity First Language (Autistic person vs. Person with Autism); I boasted that I really like public speaking, just kidding, I feel a need to speak in schools where learning happens and that leads to changes; I endeavored to show ‘How to be a Teenager’ in Ryan’s terms. i.e. try not to focus on how you look or what people think about you; Having a sibling has been the greatest gift Ryan could ever have-and the same goes for his sister; The New R-word needs to be extinguished before it gains more momentum; And lastly and having a community that accepts you is priceless.

Did I get to all the issues I wanted to approach this month? No-not even close. But that’s okay. That’s why I have this blog. And I’m not going anywhere.

My goal was to broaden minds and attempt to turn awareness into acceptance. I don’t know if my posts made any real changes in the world. But I know I amended my own mind. I reinforced things I had forgotten, took a fresh look at the world and understood now more than ever we have a lot of work to do. Thank

So, where to do we go from here? We keep talking. We keep learning. We keep our minds and our hearts open. Change will come if we try treat every individual (whether on the spectrum or not) as people who deserve whatever happiness they choose to pursue. We need to look for ways to accept that we are all part of big world where everyone has a place and a purpose. Everyone has a gift to offer the world, let’s give each other the mere chance to try.

I’ll be back soon with more ‘looking forward’.

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