Make A Wish For Me- Autism Memoir

Honored to win 1st place in Parenting from Top Shelf Magazine. 

MAWFM made the semi-finalist list in Non-Fiction! Fingers crossed it will win. Update: We made it to the TOP 5!! I’ll take that as a win.

Reader’s Favorite Awarded “Make A Wish For Me” a Bronze Medal!

What an honor! “Make A Wish For Me” won the Parenting category for Indie Reader Discovery Award!

“Make A Wish For Me” was honored with as a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award in Parenting.

“Make A Wish For Me” was awarded Bronze in the category of Inspirational Memoir by Living Now. The Living Now Book Awards celebrate books innovation and creativity of newly published books that enhance the quality of our lives, from cooking and fitness to relationships and mature living.

“Make A Wish For Me” received an Honorable Mention at The Hollywood Book Festival. Which means it is in the hands of folks who could make it into a movie or TV series.


Bookvana honored “Make A Wish For Me” as a finalist in Parenting. Their mission is “a new specialty book awards honoring books that elevate society, celebrate the human spirit, and cultivate our inner lives.”



         Make A Wish For Me

By the age of two, Ryan has los his ability to speak—twice. Sensing it is more than typical “second child” behaviors, his mother, LeeAndra, embarks upon a mission to understand why Ryan has become withdrawn and violent, and is met with a devastating answer: her son is autistic.

After a few months of behavioral treatment, Ryan experiences remarkable success. He begins to communicate, learns to adapt to his surroundings, and after attending a special educational preschool, where he thrives, he seems ready to be mainstreamed into a regular classroom for kindergarten—an exciting prospect for LeeAndra and her husband Dan, since until this point they have been reluctantly resigned to the idea that he will continue indefinitely in special education. But, Ryan’s success is rapidly derailed as he swiftly learns how to manipulate his inexperienced aides through violence and begins to flee school grounds, and LeeAndra and Dan must make a choice: agree with what the system dictates or listen to their hearts and make a drastic change?

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