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Catching up

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I posted. Let me catch you up on what has happened:

“Make A Wish For Me” had its official publication day and there was no turning back. We then hosted a raucously fun book-launch party, where I learned I don’t use my hand enough in writing and (after fifty or so signatures) those hand muscles forgot how to coordinate with my brain.  Then it was on to interviews, book signings, and book clubs.

The holidays came around; and all productivity came to a halt. I turned another year older (yay me) and then I jumped back in the New Year with more signings, interviews and meetings. Sadly, this blog has taken a back seat. My apologies-that is my resolution this year to post more often.

So that about gets you up to speed.

Now that the book is out there I am overwhelmed by the notes, cards, emails and social media posts. It is hard to put into words how fulfilling it is to be appreciated for not only your story, but also your style of telling it.

Yet, today, I find myself slightly licking some new wounds as not everyone has such nice things to say.

When you put your writing out to the general public, you expect some criticism or even just plain disregard. My book in particular is such a niche topic and I am aware how much that narrows the interest as well. What I wasn’t prepared for is the anonymous person who has had a journey with autism, yet completely missed the point. It’s not that they didn’t like my writing style, or the story line was too slow, or the narrative boring. They didn’t like the “high faultin life” that I apparently lead. I won’t try to argue said person’s opinion of my daily life, but what bothers me is they failed to see what, I felt, I painstakingly tried to convey to families afflicted with autism: there is always hope; don’t give up; and believe in yourself and your child.

Like I said, I’m only “slightly” licking my wounds. I merely think about the review every 30 minutes or so; and I’ve only re-read it a half–dozen times. I will have you know, I am not huddled up under the covers binging on Netflix and Nutella- though that does sound tempting just because both are awesome. My feisty reviewer has brought two items to my attention: I need more reviews, (so hers will get buried) and I did not offer as much help as I thought I had, in merely telling our story.

Fear not: I will not let this ‘one-star reviewer’ drag me down and I will make lemonade. So, going forward, in order to help in a way I apparently didn’t in the book, I will have a new page on my website for the multitudes of resources available. (And by going forward, I mean in a week or so, I need time to construct it—so check in later.)

Next item involves my need for reviews. First, a quick lesson on reviews: Amazon is the source most people use for buying books and people do look at those reviews when choosing books. Also, if you get a high number of reviews (Amazon’s algorithms are super-secret so I can’t tell you how it works), your book becomes more “visible”.  Who wouldn’t want their book more visible? Having said all that, if you have read the book (or plan to finish in the near future) please go to Amazon (even if you didn’t purchase it there) and leave a review.

It’s really easy: you can click here: MAWFM or log on to Amazon.com and search for my book “Make A Wish For Me”. Scroll down to the button that says: “write a customer review”. Click on the number of stars you give it and then a dialog box opens to allow you to write something.  (There are other places to leave reviews like GoodReads: MAWFM-but you need to be a member feel free to sign up: it’s like Facebook for readers.  And Barnes and Noble: MAWFM–has a similar review process to Amazon. (I have no (as in: zero) reviews there, so please feel free to christen that site!)

I want to be clear about what I’m asking of you. I’m not looking for five stars and fluff. I’m looking for your honest feelings and what you would say to someone in an elevator about it. It doesn’t have to be perfect prose or look like a pep rally for me, just a few words will suffice.

Last thoughts, and forgive me if I’m beating you death with ‘review-talk’. But, I did not know the importance of reviews prior to having a book published. And personally, never reviewed books I read. But now, knowing how much it could increase the visibility for the author, I review everything I read. It doesn’t take that long and really can make a difference especially to the newbies like me.

Mucho thanks for assisting in resolving one of these items.  I hope to see more reviews soon.


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