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What I didn’t tell you…

So tonight I was interviewed on a radio program Everything Special Needs out of New Jersey.  I did not give anyone any advance notice as I was too nervous.  Too nervous to think people I knew would be listening.  This is something I have to work on, so bear with me. In case you haven’t looked at the “media” tab,  I haven’t given any advance notice on my interviews for the same reason.  My publicist is so cringing that I don’t promote the hell out of these things, alas, I’m a silly human.

But back to the interview,  I think it went well. I just forced my family to listen to it and they liked it, well, aside from being strong armed  into listen to me talk for an hour.

What I didn’t tell you (aside from it happening tonight) was I actually rehearsed some of the questions in my office for hours this afternoon.  If anyone wanted to punk me, they could have watched me talking to no one and laughed their little butts off.

Anyway, it is a good interview, so if you have an hour to kill and no podcasts to listen to…check it out. Thanks.


I hope the link works. If not, just repost in your browser. Or go tot their site and look for radio “ESN radio archives” tab and it’s there.

By the way, it’s only 15 days to pub date…in case you lost count.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve vamped up this blog to act as a true website.  Check out all the tabs, write a comment. Enjoy. Then pass it on.

15 days…

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